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Whether it’s a Sunday service, a wedding ceremony, a religious education class or a social gathering, hearing clearly in worship spaces is important. Architectural elements in old and new spaces, audio-visual systems, the placement of speakers and musicians around a room, and the popularity of interfaith and multi-functional facilities can make it difficult to provide great acoustics.

At Snap-Wall, we specialize in tuning rooms to deliver great sound. We assess site conditions, experience noise issues first-hand and design custom solutions to create the desired acoustics, abide within a faith community’s budget and blend with the aesthetics of the worship space.



Snap-Wall Spotlight

The Falls Church

At The Falls Church, a beautiful new sanctuary produced unexpected echoes. Snap-Wall crafted a solution that fixed the sound problem, stayed within the congregation’s budget, was completed between weekly services and blended so well with the existing design that most congregants couldn’t spot the changes.



When The Falls Church hired a contractor to install the audio equipment in the sanctuary, the contractor determined acoustical treatments were necessary before their equipment could be calibrated. The contractor chose to partner with Snap-Wall to accurately tune the space.

Snap-Wall conducted a site visit to experience the noise problems and assess the facility. Snap-Wall noticed that a central, feature wall of wood lattice bands had been installed incorrectly. Absorption material that was supposed to be installed behind the lattice to prevent echoes, was missing.

Removing and rebuilding the feature wall would have exceeded the congregation’s budget and disrupted services. So, Snap-Wall proposed a site built acoustical panel system that could be installed over the existing lattice. We used wide width fabric custom printed with a 3D lattice design to maintain the original design intent.

That solution dramatically cut cost, reduced the installation time so that the project could be completed between services and produced the sound conditions the audio contractor needed for their equipment. The printed lattice design was also so realistic that members of the congregation didn’t even realize that a fabric panel had been placed over the wood lattice.