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Industrial Sound Solutions

What you're up against...

The activity inside distribution centers, manufacturing plants, mechanical shops, flex spaces and other industrial sites inevitably generates noise. Thoughtful use of acoustical materials, however, can help contain that sound. Some installations can lower workers’ exposure to high decibel levels, facilitate better communication and safety onsite, and even create quieter spaces within a bustling industrial plant.

Snap-Wall designs and professionally installs high-quality sound solutions in industrial spaces. The right acoustical material strategically placed can reduce reflective surfaces and ease sound levels inside a space. Snap-Wall can also create noise barriers by installing acoustical screens, curtains or enclosures which can either be fixed in place or portable.



Snap-Wall Spotlight


At a 1 million-square-foot Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore, noise from one stretch of conveyors posed safety hazards by limiting the ability to communicate between workers passing through an adjacent corridor. An outside acoustical engineer recommended that Amazon use Snap-Wall to furnish and install their calculated treatments. Snap-Wall did so with a 20-foot by 600-foot acoustical curtain which created a more comfortable working environment, enabled communication and reduced workers’ need for ear protection.