• Noise Solutions for Every Space



As experienced and knowledgeable professionals in sound solutions, Snap-Wall can help general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors smoothly and expertly complete the acoustical requirements on any project.

Our pre-construction staff pride themselves on providing fair and reliable pricing, anticipating and avoiding potential supply chain issues, and identifying acceptable alternative materials as needed. If project teams need to resolve sound issues, our design professionals and acoustical engineers can provide expert analysis, customized solutions and design-build services.

Our installation teams are known for their high degree of professionalism, precise field measurements and layouts, ability to coordinate with other subcontractors, and ingenuity in correcting any issues that arise during construction.

At Snap-Wall, we understand that construction is all about relationships so we work collaboratively, deliver excellent service and minimize issues for project partners and clients.

We specialize in multiple Division 9 requirements, including:

  • Decorative Solutions for Walls and Ceilings
  • Acoustical wall and ceiling treatments
  • Prefabricated panel systems
  • Site-built, stretched fabric panel systems
  • Acoustical wood panel systems, PET systems and acoustical foam
  • Digital art/imaging with acoustical treatments
  • Diffusers, reflectors and bass traps
  • Industrial acoustical absorbers and enclosures
  • Noise control for industrial applications.

We also provide several Division 10 items, including:

  • Visual Display Systems
  • Glassboards and markerboards
  • Chalkboards, tackboards and bulletin boards.


Snap-Wall Spotlight

Stone Ridge School

Construction of a new building at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland required exacting, elegant construction in the midst of a pandemic and supply chain disruptions.



"The Student Services Center project at Stone Ridge was a particularly tough project that had a lot of field issues due to pandemic-driven material shortages which created pretty tough installation conditions," said Jake Hockman, President of Summit Construction.

Snap-Wall, which had been contracted to install acoustical panels in multiple locations throughout the building, “did an amazing job with field measures, identifying problems and finding proactive ways to fix them,” Hockman said. "They came up with a couple of inventive ways to modify panels to work around some dimensional issues and ways to modify sequencing. That really helped us come in on schedule and on budget and kept the client happy."

Snap-Wall’s deep knowledge of acoustical products and supply chain conditions combined with their ability to devise alternate solutions to construction challenges not only enables project teams to meet the client’s needs but often without even generating change orders, he added. "Every job we work on with them is great. That’s why we use them for everything we do."